NHF Grant Platinum Program to be suspended

2013-03-07_0746Well it looks like the National Homebuyers Fund Platinum  will be suspended as of February 29, 2016. The lender backing this grant program will no longer be accepting new loans.

If you are preapproved to buy a home and are planning on using the NHF Grant program, you may want to contact your mortgage professional to come up with another plan.

Home buyers who need down payment assistance may also consider the programs offered by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, such as Home Advantage. Although the down payment assistance programs offered by WSHFC are not grants, they are loans (typically with payments deferred) that will eventually need to be repaid. Here is more information on the various down payment assistance programs I have available.

If you are considering buying a home located anywhere in Washington State, I’m happy to help you!


  1. Chelsea Bostrom says

    Why was this program suspended? Will it be available again in the future??

    • Hi Chelsea,
      I’m really not sure. It’s possible that other lenders offer other versions of this program. The program that we were able to offer is no longer available. We do have down payment assistance programs available, like Home Advantage. The big difference between Home Advantage and the grant is that the down payment assistance needs to be eventually paid back.

      • Chelsea Bostrom says

        I was looking at the DPA programs through WSHFC, but would prefer a grant if possible. Do you know of any other grant programs available in Washington? Or grant program that can be used in Washington state?



  1. […] NOTE: It appears as though this program is being suspended effective the end of February 2016. If you’re considering using a grant, you might want to check out other down payment […]

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