BREAKING NEWS: 2015 VA Loan Limits for Washington State

In 2015, VA loan limits will be the same as conforming loan limits. VA loans do not have limits. The “loan limit” that is referred to with a VA loan is highest loan amount a Veteran can borrower without making a down payment. It’s really a great benefit to those who have served our county. VA Jumbo loans (loan amounts over the VA limit) allow veterans to buy higher priced home with a greatly reduced down payment.

Here are the 2015 VA Loan Limits for homes in Washington State:

King County, Snohomish County and Pierce County:

  • $517,500

San Juan County

  • $483,000

All other Washington State Counties:

  • $417,000

If a qualified Veteran wanted to buy a home above the loan limit (aka “VA Jumbo”), their minimum down payment is 25% of the difference between the county loan limit and the sales price.

Home Sellers should really consider accepting VA home buyers. Just because they’re putting less down, does not mean they are less qualified. VA home buyers have EARNED this benefit by serving our country. And these days, VA mortgage loans are not any more or less challenging to process and close than any other type of home mortgage. VA loans do not have monthly mortgage insurance and they have very competitive mortgage rates.

If I can help you with a VA mortgage or any type of home loan for property located any where in Washington State, please contact me.

UPDATE December 15, 2014: VA has updated their page to state that only the 1 unit loan amounts should be used for the 2015 loan limits.



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