Should I attend Seattle Agent ReBoot or Greater Seattle RE BarCamp?

Easy answer: BOTH! 🙂

Full disclosure, I am one of the organizers of this years Seattle RE BarCamp which will be taking place next week, Thursday, March 13, 2014. And I am planning on attending both Seattle Agent ReBoot and Seattle RE BarCamp next week.

Why? Because these two events offer two unique experiences.

Seattle Agent ReBoot provides a planned agenda, geared towards tech with pre-selected speakers, trainers and vendors. This is an organized event produced by Inman.  You pretty much know what to expect when you’re attending Seattle Agent ReBoot. I like this year’s line up – so I have purchased my $59 ticket and plan on attending.

On the other hand…

Seattle RE BarCamp does not have a planned agenda. Often referred to as an “un-conference”, the topics that will be discussed are largely determined by the attendees the morning of the event. Topics also tend to revolve around social media, tech and any trending real estate topic (it’s wide open). There are also no pre-selected speakers or vendors who are putting on presentations. Ideally, attendees are participating in a conversation with peers and learning and sharing from one another. The event is organized by volunteers (including your’s truly) and funded by the generosity of our sponsors. While sponsors or other experts are encouraged to participate in conversations, it’s kind of frowned upon if someone starts to lecture or sell a product. The cost to attend this event is $10 if tickets are bought before March 12, 2014 ($20 afterwards). In my opinion, I would also say that Seattle RE BarCamp is a more “casual” event.

You can attend Agent ReBoot and learn some new things about tech that you may want to discuss with fellow savvy peers the following day at Seattle RE BarCamp! With Seattle RE BarCamp taking place the next day (and since I’m an organizer), I probably won’t be able to spend the full day at Agent ReBoot…however, I’m looking forward to squeezing in what I can! Two great real estate tech events taking place next week – I hope to see you then!


  1. I’m so pleased with this years Agent Reboot and Seattle RE BarCamp 🙂 bot events were exceptional. So nice to see old friends and meet new!

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