Fannie Mae HomePath Minimum Down increased to 5%

This weekend, Fannie Mae will be updating DU (Desktop Underwriter) to reflect the new higher minimum down payment requirements. I’ve written about that here.

This new underwriting guideline will also impact Fannie Mae HomePath mortgages, bringing the minimum down payment from 3% for owner occupied purchases to 5% down.

Fannie Mae will still allow 10% down payment for investment properties using Fannie Mae HomePath.

Fannie Mae HomePath mortgages are available for Fannie Mae owned foreclosures specifically designated as a “Fannie Mae HomePath” property. Fannie Mae HomePath mortgages allow for minimum down payment, do not require an appraisal and do not require mortgage insurance (with good credit).  You can learn more about Fannie Mae HomePath mortgages by clicking here.

If you are preapproved to buy a Fannie Mae HomePath mortgage with 3% down (or any conventional financing with 3% down) please contact your loan officer asap to get re-qualified based on either 5% down or using another program like FHA, USDA or VA.


I’m pleased to be able to offer Fannie Mae HomePath mortgages for homes located anywhere in Washington state. If you would like a mortgage rate quote for a Fannie Mae HomePath mortgage, or any mortgage scenario, click here.


  1. Well, that should stimulate buyer demand… 🙂

    Thanks for the info! I hadn’t heard of this yet.

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