What may impact mortgage rates this week: June 3, 2013

Mortgage rates have been trending higher, catching some home buyers and home owners waiting for a much lower rate off guard. Will that trend continue? We have the Jobs Report being released this Friday and if it comes in significantly weaker than expected, we may see rates improve. Historically speaking, mortgage rates are still very low…however, those who are set on the artificially sweet rates we’ve been experiencing, may be disappointed.  You may be interested the graph in MMG Weekly ilustrating how rough May was on mortgage rates.

Here are a few of the economic indicators scheduled to be released this week:

  • Mon., June 3: ISM Index
  • Wed., June 5: ADP National Jobs Report; Productivity; ISM Service Index; and the Fed’s Beige Book
  • Thur., June 6: Initial Jobless Claims
  • Fri., June 7: The Jobs Report

The Jobs Report is the “big daddy” this week with expectations of employers adding 159k new jobs last month. If the jobs report reveals robust employment and figures better than anticipated, we may see rates spike higher. If the report surprises with weaker employment data and less jobs added than expected, we could see an improvement in rates.

As I write this post (June 3, 2013 at 8:50 am) mortgage rates are improving a bit from earlier this morning due to ISM Index coming in worse than expected.  Mortgage rates change constantly. If you are interested in a mortgage rate quote based on your scenario and *current* rates, please click here. NOTE: I can only provide rates for homes located in Washington state, where I am licensed to originate mortgages.

30 year fixed:  3.875% (apr 4.046) priced with 1.232 discount points with closing cost (including points) of $8488. Principal and interest payment = $1,880.05

30 year fixed:  4.000% (apr 4.121) priced with 0.616 discount points bringing estimated closing cost to $6,024 with a principal and interest payment of $1,909.66

15 year fixed: 3.125% (apr 3.332) priced with 0.630 discount points bringing estimated closing cost to $6,080 with a principal and interest payment of $2,786.44.

Rates quoted above are based on a 740 or higher mid-credit score with a loan amount of $400,000 and a sales price of $500,000 for an 80% loan to value for a purchase in Seattle closing by July 11, 2013 using conventional financing.

If you are a pre-approved home buyer, you may want to contact your mortgage professional to make sure the rise in mortgage rates has not impacted your approval status. Especially if your approval letter was prepared over a week ago or your pushing your qualifying limits with higher debt to income ratios.

If I can help you with your refinance or purchase with your home located anywhere in Washington state, please contact me.

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