HARP 3.0 Update

Insider Mortgage Finance recently posted this teaser indicating that President Obama is pushing for the eligibility dates for HARP 3.0 to be expanded.

“The Obama administration has sent a message to the mortgage industry that it wants to expand the Home Affordable Refinance Program by changing the eligibility date for high loan-to-value and underwater borrowers who want to refinance loans financed by the government-sponsored enterprises. According to members of the Mortgage Bankers Association who attended a recent pow-wow at the White House, the administration wants to push the eligibility date for HARP into mid-2010 or so”

I say “teaser” because in order to read the full article, you need to $ubscribe. 

The odds of HARP 3.0 becoming a reality may be better should President Obama’s nomination of Representative Watt to head the FHFA become a reality.

Currently many home owners who had their mortgage securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac June 1, 2009 or later have not been eligible for a Home Affordable Refinance (HARP).

HARP allows home owners who have lost equity and who would otherwise qualify, to refinance at today’s very low interest rates. 

Having the securitization date expanded (if not removed completely) would be of great relief to many Washington state home owners. 

Stay tuned!

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