HARP 3.0 and #MyRefi Update

An article published today by Bloomberg Businessweek gives some hope of HARP 3.0 and #MyRefi (aka the Obama Refi) becoming available to underwater home owners.

Many responsible home owners who have not been able to refinance under the current guidelines of HARP 2.0 because either their existing home mortgage was securitized after June 1, 2009 by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac OR because their existing mortgage is not securitized by either Fannie or Freddie. 

The Home Affordable Refi Program was created to help home owners who have lost equity in their homes and would otherwise qualify to refinance (they have employment, income and good credit).

In today’s article, the Treasury may overstep Congress to help make the expanded program that many have been hoping for a reality. From Bloomberg Businessweek

Treasury may act unilaterally to aid borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth if Congress doesn’t pass legislation providing assistance, Stegman, a counselor on housing policy for the agency, said at an American Securitization Forum conference.

“Legislation would facilitate a refinance, whereas under our existing authority, Treasury could only modify the most deeply underwater loans and pay investors for some amount of forgone interest,” Stegman said.

Stay tuned!

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