Sunday Drive to Washington Arboretum Park

One of the best things about having a new puppy in our family has been taking him out on walks to various parks around the area. Yesterday, my husband and I took Scupper, a Flat Coated Retriever,to Washington Arboretum Park. 

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Scupper in search of ducks

This was my first time visiting this park I’ve probably driven over thousands of times. It’s located under parts of the off-ramps to 520 bridge by University of Washington and the Seattle neighborhood of Washington Park along the shores of Lake Washington.

2012 11 10 12 13 39 235
520 Bridge

On this visit, we walked around Foster Island and Marsh Island. We are saving the Arboretum gardens for next time.

2012 11 10 12 52 11 745
Hubby and Scupper

The park is over 230 acres and has botanical gardens that are managed by the University of Washington.

You can check out more of photos from our walk to Washington Arboretum Park by clicking here.

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