Vacations over…I’m back to work!

I’m back to work after my vacation in Hawaii with my son. We had a great time exploring Oahu’s beautiful beaches. The last time I was in Hawaii was probably about 12 years ago when my husband was a county manager for a title insurance company. And we brought home beautiful weather to Seattle – wasn’t this weekend gorgeous?

Okay… back to work. This week we don’t have a lot on deck as far as scheduled economic indicators. 

Wednesday, August 8: Productivity

Thursday, August 9: Initial Jobless Claims

Watch for the results of the bond auctions starting Tuesday and ending Thursday when the Treasury will be selling $72B in notes and bonds.

Last Friday’s Jobs Report came in stronger than expected which has caused mortgage rates to trend higher.  With that said, mortgage rates are still extremely low.

As of 7:40 am this morning (8/6/2012), I’m quoting 3.500% (apr 3.579) for a 30 year fixed rate based on a sales price of $500,000 with a $400,000 loan amount (20% down) and low-mid credit scores of 740 closing in 30 days for a purchase in greater Seattle.

If you’re interested in a mortgage rate quote or getting preapproved for a purchase or refinance for a home located anywhere in Washington state, please contact me.


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