Best Places for Beer in Seattle

Ever since I learned that Jay Thompson has joined Zillow and is making a move to my home town of Seattle, I've been thinking about this post. You see, I was able to spend a little time with Jay when he was a fellow speaker at the Mortgage Tech Summit in Arizona last month and one thing I learned about Jay is that he appreciates good beer.

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite beer places around Seattle…yes, most are in West Seattle, since that's my stomping grounds. Please keep in mind that I tend to be a "wine" drinker – however I can be swayed to refreshing brew, like a Dog Fish Head Imortal Ale.

Jay, this bud's for you!

Super Deli Mini Market on SW 35th. This is an amazing place. You step in, and it's a mini mart. They have Twinkies, motor oil and diapers and they have beer on tap. You'll see folks walking around enjoying a nice glass of beer and not just any beer – this place has an amazing selection of beers. I've seriously have never seen anything like it before. You can even get a "taste cup" to sample what ever they're serving up on tap.  It can be a little "sketchy" – my first time there, I found myself almost ducking behind a row of diapers (with my beer) when a drunk came in yelling at the cashier. Thankfully that's only happened once. They also have an incredible selection of cigars.

The Beer Junction. This is similar to the mini mart where it has an incredible selection. Both of these spots must have hundreds and hundreds of bottles to select from.  Beer Junction is located in, as the name implies, "the Junction" neighborhood of West Seattle and is nowhere near as edgy as the Mini Mart. The last time I was in the shop, I learned they're getting ready to move to a larger location just off California.

The Beverage Place Pub. Also off California in Seattle, the Beverage Place Pub is an actual pub located in a historic building with a great selection of beers. My first time there was for a barly wine event. Great atmosphere but no food!  However, you can order food to be delivered from several of the great West Seattle restaurants.

My last recommendation for Jay to check out is a place that a former Zillow-ite used to love when he lived in Seattle… yep, David Gibbons (aka David G)'s favorite hamburger spot:  Latona Pub.  Latona Pub is also a spot where a few Seattle reBarCamp planning sessions would take place over probably one of the best hamburgers in Seattle and a nice brew. Unlike my other suggestions, Latona Pub is not in West Seattle – it's in Greenlake (north Seattle).

Jay, you'll find we have no shortage of great micro-breweries, winerys or coffee in Seattle!  I know I am missing many other great places for Jay to check out – remember, I tend to be more of a "wine person".  Feel free to share your favorite finest beer spots with me (my hubby would probably really appreciate this info too).

Welcome Jay and Francy to Seattle!  



  1. This may well be Blog Post of the Year. Thanks Rhonda!

  2. Thanks, Jay 🙂 I’m looking forward to catching up with you!

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