Comcast service issues from Seattle to Renton

UPDATE 11:15 am: our office is being told that they expect service to be up in an hour.

UPDATE 11:00 am: learning that our office in Kent is having internet issues too. This sucks.  No message from Comcast if the ETA  is 1:45 today but that's how it's looking at this point!  West Seattle Funblog reports that 388,000 Comcast users are NOT having a Comcastic experience.

UPDATE 10:00 am: a few of us on Twitter are asking @ComcastBill if the outage is expected to be repaired in 1 hour and 45 minutes or at 1:45 today (no answer yet). My email is working – but slow.

UPDATE 9:30 am:  It looks like Comcast's issues were spotty from the friends I surveyed on Facebook and Twitter.  Regardless it looks like my service is slightly improved "back to normal"….KNOCK ON WOOD!!   With so much of my mortgage business being internet based, having slow internet and email is a real set-back.

My internet and email are being painfully slow this morning.  I tweeted to @Comcastcares and here's their response:

I'm trying to find out just how widespread this outage is.  

Meanwhile I'm trying switching to my Droid to see if that will provide better service than Comcast.  


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