Does Your Loan Officer Attend Signings?

This past month, I have met with more clients than "usual".  A typical transaction for me has been pretty much completed over the internet via my secure on-line loan application, with email and over the phone.  It was an exception for me to meet clients.  This was not because I didn't want to, I simply wasn't asked to and clients opted for the convenience offered by the internet.  

This month, I had a spike in face to face meetings with clients. I'm not sure if this is going to be a continued trend or if May's meetings have been some sort of fluke…I do know I really enjoy meeting my clients "IRL" when our schedules allow.  Three of these meetings took place when I attended the signings at escrow offices from Federal Way to Lynnwood, and one at a restaurant near SeaTac Airport.  All three were first time home buyers. I wasn't really "needed" beyond being there. With having the background of managing an escrow branch for Washington Title, it's crucial to me by the time my clients reach the signing table, their questions about mortgage have been answered. A home buyer or someone who's refinancing shouldn't have to ask their escrow officer about the terms of their mortgage…their mortgage originator should have fully educated their client well before this point. With that said, I see nothing wrong with a borrower asking the signer to explain the terms – the borrower should, however, already understand their loan program.  

Regardless of if I'm attending a signing or not, I'm always available to answer any questions that may pop up.  And my Processor and I always review the estimated HUD-1 Settlement Statement before my client's appointment to make sure it's as accurate as possible (assuming the escrow company provides it to us, which they do 99% of the time).

Will your mortgage originator join you at the signing table?  If this is important to you, then it is something you need to ask a potential mortgage originator BEFORE you decide on which lender you're going to work with.  Here are more tips on things to consider when selecting the mortgage professional who will be helping you with your next home purchase or refinance.

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