I’ve been summoned for jury duty

UPDATE 4:00 March 22, 2011:  I've been dismissed… back to business as usual!

UPDATE 3:00 March 21, 2011I'm back at work this afternoon…back for another round of jury duty tomorrow morning.

I've been summoned for jury duty!  I'm going to try to do my best to check emails and work while it is decided whether or not I make the cut for a jury…if you cannot rech me and you need to a rate quote, or to lock in a rate, please contact Dee Dee Fisher or Mike Hovey at 253-859-5300 at Mortgage Master Service Corporation.

This is my first experience with jury duty so I'm not exactly sure what to expect.

I will be responding to my emails and voicemails in the evening.

I'll be posting mortgage rates when I've completed this civic duty.


  1. it appears as though my email is having issues right now too… thanks Network Solutions!! grrrrrr

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