Book Review: And Then The Roof Caved In by David Faber

I've found that one of the perks of being a mortgage blogger is that on occasion, Roofcavedin people will send me copies of their book requesting a review.  I recently finished reading CNBC Reporter, David Faber's book which addresses how we have arrived at this financial situation we are in. 

If you watched his documentary "House of Cards"; you will find lot of the content from the book follows David's reporting from the documentary.   I enjoy Faber's reporting on CNBC in the mornings and when you read his book, it's as if he's talking to you.   It's an easy read that covers every angle of how we got here.  And maybe it's because I'm employed in the mortgage industry, I found this book hard to put down. 

If you want to understand more about the perfect storm that lead to this economic crisis; I highly recommend "And Then The Roof Caved In: How Wall Street's Greed and Stupidity Brought Capitalism to Its Knees" by David Faber. 


  1. Truly Understanding what has caused us to get to this position in Real Estate and Mortgage history will hopefully prevent us from duplication the mistakes in the future. And Then the Roof Caved IN is a must read for any mortgage originator that plans to stay in the game. joeb

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