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I can't remember since Mortgage Porter's inception going so many days without writing a post…the simple fact is I have to prioritize where I spend my time and these days, it's working with people who need assistance with a mortgage for a home located in Washington State.   With fewer loan originators and increased volumes, any mortgage originator who's worth their salt is inundated in business.

In addition to what's going on during this historic time in the mortgage industry, I was recently "tapped" to help the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals to serve as their Chair of the Social Media Networking Committee.  Why would I do this now?  Quite simply, I believe consumers deserve the freedom to choose who they want to work with.  WAMP needs help getting their message out to Washington State mortgage originators and consumers.  There is so much mis-information out there about mortgage originators (especially mortgage brokers) that I feel I must dedicate a few hours a month to help my fellow Washington State mortgage originator sisters and brothers.  In the end, it helps you, the consumer.  Without the mortgage broker industry, you would primarily have big banks and credit unions for your mortgage selections.   Mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders create competition which is always good for the consumer.   I've always believed that you shouldn't sit back and complain about situations that disturb you–we must take action.  Hopefully my bit to help the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals reach out to loan originators and consumers will make some sort of positive difference.

On that note…today I'm at the Washington Real Estate Industry Summit which is featuring Dave Reichert as the Key Note Speaker.   This is an all day event so I will not be posting rates today.  It should be interesting event and I look forward to reporting back to you with the nitty gritty.

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