A Sunday’s Drive to Seattle’s Georgetown

Just south of downtown Seattle, you'll find historic Georgetown.  My husband and I P2080039P2080007decided to check it out a few weekends ago in search of authentic Italian style pizza.  The restaurant we wanted to go to was closed (we'll go definitely go back and give you a full report) but we're not disappointed.

Georgetown was settled in 1851 and became it's own city from 1904-1910; fighting annexation into Seattle to avoid prohibition.  This is the home of the old Rainier Brewery, reported to once be the sixth largest brewery in the world.  Portions of the brewery remain and are office and space for artists.  Airport Way  and  the side streets are lined with shops and restaurants.   We wound up at Smarty Pants for "beer, booze and grub".  Actually we opted for a very spicy Bloody Mary and brunch.  I had a breakfast burrito and my husband could not resist The Trouble Maker.  It's a great spot and I look forward to checking out other restaurants in this neighborhood. 

Georgetown is also home to Hat n' Boots which is located at Oxbow Park P2080053 between the 6400 block of Carleton Avenue South and Corson Avenue South. 

Speaking of Corson…I understand The Corson Building is a new restuarant featuring a chef who was featured as one of Food and Wine's top 10 new chef's of 2007, Matt Dillion.  Reservations required…well in advance.

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