It’s Official: Conforming-Jumbo 2009 Loan Limits are Lower

With the passage of HR 3221, we knew that the calculation used to determine what the "economic stimulus loan limits" (aka "temporary jumbo limits") would be reduced from 125% to 115% of the median home price.  What we didn’t know, until this morning was what figure would be used for the median price.  The new conforming loan limits for 2009 are actually lower than what I roughly anticipated in an earlier post.

If you are considering a mortgage with a loan amount of $506,001 – $567,500 or if you’re in a county that will no longer qualify; you don’t have a lot of time to take advantage of conforming-jumbo rates.   Lenders may begin implementing the new loan limits before the end of the year so that once loans are delivered to Fannie or Freddie (this takes place after your loan is closed), the loan limit will fit the new guidelines.

2009 Conforming Limits are unchanged:

1-Unit  $417,000

2-Unit  $533,850

3-Unit $645,300

4-Unit  $801,950

2009 Conforming Jumbo Limits. 

King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties effective January 1, 2009

1-Unit $506,000 (reduced from $567,500)

2-Unit $647,750 

3-Unit $783,000 

4-Unit $973,100 

San Juan County

1-Unit $483,000 (reduced from $593,750)

2-Unit $618,300 

3-Unit $747,400

4-Unit $928,850

Only Washington State counties listed above benefit from conforming jumbo limits in 2009.


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