Another Classic Piece of Junk…Mail

I actually thought this piece of mail was legit…until we opened it.  This piece of junk was threatening of a possible fine and imprisonment OR BOTH if anyone interfered with it’s delivery.


Once you open the mailer, you quickly see that it’s from a mortgage company that is so desperate, it must utilize trickery to try to obtain new business.

We have good news about your loan originally funded at:


After reviewing your account history we are happy to inform you that you have been preapproved for a new mortgage at a lower monthly payment.  This offer makes you eligible for a modified mortgage at a lower monthly payment regardless of credit, mortgage payment history, or other financial hardships.  If you are in an adjustable loan, this offer makes you eligible to convert to our fixed product line.

There is no rate in this promotion…however it actually states that we’ve been preapproved for a new mortgage with a lower payment.  What a bunch of baloney.

When I receive a piece of junk mail such as this, I forward it to the Department of Financial Institutions in Olympia.  I hope you’ll do the same too.  Misleading advertising in mortgages must stop.  I encourage you to forward your mortgage junk mail (Washington State only) to:

Enforcement Unit, Division of Consumer Service

DFI, P.O. Box 41200, Olympia, WA 98504

Please don’t ever select your Mortgage Professional by something you receive in the mail or hear on the radio.  And remember, rates that are advertised in radio and newspaper print are not current.  Rates change constantly (especially these days).


  1. I guess we haven’t flushed all these places out of the business yet… what frustrates me is that these kind of shenanigans are what ruin the profession for all of us.

    I am glad you are forwarding the advertisements to the DFI. Maybe now they might actually do something about it.

  2. Rhonda – I am glad to finally know what to do when I receive these types of mailouts! Often they are about my old, original loan and I wonder what their source is. Thanks.

  3. Rhonda,
    I am so sick of junk mail. For every piece of solicited mail I must recieve 20 pieces of junk. I think I feel better that a lender is receiving the mortgage “bargains” that I am also receiving. I have been tricked a few times by some creative marketing person. Do you think our postage rate will go up over junk mail? What a shame? Great article!!

    Donna Johnston
    (A real Estate Tomato Blogger)

  4. Donna, it’s amazing how much effort goes into junk mail. I hope everyone forwards their junk mortgage mail to their proper authorities.

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