Jennifer’s Sunset


I learned yesterday that my former Sister in Law, Jennifer Witt, passed away the night before.  I dedicate last night’s sunset to her.

Not only is she my son’s Aunt, Jennifer and I attended high school together and I’ve known her more than half my life.  In fact for a few years, we were roommates, sharing an apartment with her brother (my son’s Dad).   I think we were very close for the 10 years I was with my son’s Dad and we kind of drifted apart these past years.  Not that we didn’t care for each other, we did very much, we just didn’t really get to see each other often. 

Some of my favorite memories of Jennifer are playing pinochle (she was fierce) and I don’t know why I have a memory of us together stuck in my head of sharing some Asti Spumante and deciding to bake an apple pie from a tree she had in her yard.  Smart, funny and beautiful; Jennifer was a spark plug. 

She is missed and loved.  I very sad she’s gone.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and family.

Update:  Here is information on Jennifer’s Memorial on Sunday, September 21.

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