How Did Our State House Members Vote on the $700B?

This from the Seattle PI:

Yes: Jim McDermott. Norm Dicks. Adam Smith. Rick Larsen. Brian Baird (All Democrats).

No: Dave Reichert. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Doc Hastings (All Republicans). Jay Inslee (Democrat).

Elections are just weeks away.  NBC is reporting that House members in close races tended to vote no on this bailout.   For the record, here are the results from the 2006 elections:

District 1: Jay Inslee elected with 67.8% of the vote

District 2:  Rick Larsen ~ 64.16%

District 3: Brian Baird ~ 63.15%

District 4: Doc Hastings ~ 59.88%

District 5: Cathy McMorris Rodgers ~ 56.11%

District 6:  Norm Dicks ~ 70.6%

District 7: Jim McDermott ~ 79.16%

District 8: Dave Reichert ~ 51.46%

District 9: Adam Smith ~ 65.72%

House members who voted no to the bailout were elected by an average percentage of 58.81% (take out Inslee and the average drops to a narrow 55.8%).

Washington State House members supporting this bailout were elected by an average 68.5% by their constituents.

By the way, you have just a couple days left to become a registered voter, if you are not all ready, for the upcoming election.

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