Please Help Angie fight Breast Cancer

Angie wants to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-Day event but needs to raise $2,200 or she will not be allowed to participate.  Angie is walking for her Aunt Em and so far has raised just over $500.  She has a ways to go to make the required amount to participate in the walk.   And does it really matter to us who she’s walking for?  We don’t know Aunt Emily and you may not know Angie.  We do know people who are fighting breast cancer.  I  personally lost a dear friend and co-worker this past year.  I’ve lost family members.  We have all lost someone to breast cancer.  Here is a woman who wants to do something by walking for 3 days (60 miles, I believe) and needs help in order to do so.  Breast cancer touches all of us.

Please consider making a donation for towards breast cancer and to allow her to walk for her Aunt Emily and for all of us.  Donate what ever you can.  For more information, or to donate, please click here.


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