JP Patches & Gertrude Statue Unveiled in Fremont Tomorrow


You know I’m a Patches Pal–I grew up glued to the TV on weekday mornings watching  JP hoping he would see me through his ICU2-TV.   I wasn’t alone–if you are a Puget Sound native around my age, odds are, you’re a Patches Pal too!

Patches Pals have been waiting for this day and many have purchased Patches Pal Pavers to support this great cause (excess proceeds benefits Childrens Hospital).   I even added JP’s mug to the right on Mortgage Porter to make it easy for my subscribers/readers who are fellow Patches Pals to participate.

Well the big day is almost here…"the most anticipated event in human history" according to JP’s website.   You too can witness the great unveiling of the statue:

This Sunday, August 17, 2008 beginning at 1:00 p.m at the Solstice Plaza (N. 34th Street just east of the Fremont  Bridge).

Come celebrate the men (JP and Gertrude) who have touched so many local lives!


  1. Rhonda this is great! I grew up between Ellensburg and Gig Harbor over the years and got my picture taken with JP Patches back in ’75 or so… We don’t have anything like him here in Tucson.

  2. Paul, JP almost married my husband and I…the fact that we were having “a clown” perform the ceremony (and he’s never done a wedding before) and that we married on April Fools was just too much for our parents.

    JP was a surprise guest at my 40th birthday…boy did I feel special!

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