Blake Island


Just a hop, skip and a jump from West Seattle is Blake Island.   Last weekend, after our  "drive by" earlier this month, we decided to cruise over with our kids to this State Park and go tent camping.   Our campsite (#34) had views of Mount Rainier, Vashon and Southworth along with the ferry runs.   We saw seal, otter, eagles and other birds along with hundreds of jumping fish.  The Ranger came by to worn us that if we didn’t lock up all our food (the provide locking garbage cans–you should not store the food in your tent) we would lose it raccoons and otters.  I guess they will actually unzip your tent and come on in if they think you’re hiding goodies.

Img_6475 There are all types of boats from kayaks, sailboats, Tulley’s and yachts.   I did not venture far from our campsite on the south side of the island.  I enjoyed doing nothing at all and being "unplugged" under the tall Madrona’s.  Our teens took the wooded trail to Tillicum Village where there is a snack shop with ice cream, breakfast and lunch as well as ice, wood and matches (camping necessities).

Our one night and 3 mile journey from home felt like a different world.   After last Friday…I needed it!  (Photo on the left is the view from my tent).


  1. nice do u know how the land form is?

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