A Sunday Cruise–in the Puget Sound

I went on my first trip on our new boat, a 17 foot Arima.  Let me begin by saying, I’m not really into boating–I can barely dog-paddle and have a fear of water.   My hubby knows this (and I know I married a man who loves the water).   Anyhow…it was time for me to "face a fear" and take a Sunday cruise.  I thought I my first trip would be a quick hour tour just to get familiar with the boat…we stayed out four hours and I loved it!   

We left West Seattle and headed over to Blake Island to cruise by Tillacum Village.  All our kids have managed to go there via field trips–I have yet to experience it.

From there we went north towards Bainbridge Island.  (I was only equipped with my life jacket and my flip video camera–so the pictures aren’t as nice as I would like them to be).   The homes along the waterfront are incredible.   My husband wanted to show me this salmon fish farm. 

We passed the Walla Walla ferry on our way to Bremerton.

At Bremerton’s Navel Ship Yard, we noticed a couple subs along with other naval ships, including the USS Stennis (CVN 74). 

On our way back home to West Seattle, we passed the "back side" of Blake Island

Next time…I’ll bring a "real" camera (and a picnic basket)!

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