The Bottomless Mortgage Junkmail Bag


Here’s a new one for you from the Mortgage Porter Junk Mail Bag.  This gem arrived to us in a hand addressed envelope about the size of a greeting card with real postage stamps but no return address.  What a personal touch. 

But wait…there’s more!  When you open the envelope it appears as though someone has cared enough about you to send you a newspaper article and there is a written sticky note that says:

"Robert, Try this it works!  I just got two months no bills! [signed] J."

Wow, who is this "J"?  Their name is no where on the envelope and there’s no business card included.   The newspaper article is front and back (with a faux-ad of a hottie on both sides) appearing to be an interview of someone in the mortgage/credit repair profession.   The "professional" being interviewed is here to save the day…the article never really says how but invites you to visit a website which I’m not going to promote here. 

The website would leave you to believe this fella is on your side to fight the bad mortgage companies, credit counselors…he’s going to teach you every trick in the book after you sign a non-disclosure statement so his "methods can stay secret from the general public".   

The entire campaign is aimed at people who are in trouble financially either from an ARM adjusting or from too much debt.  It’s predatory.  Do you remember just a few weeks ago what I said about loan originators who use "skip two months payments" as a ploy to get your business?

I have an issue whenever anyone uses "trickery" to obtain business.  Especially when it’s as important as the financing of your home.   This "article" does state "ADVERTISEMENT" in small print on the top of both sides…but it would be easy to miss.  Especially if you’re in a tough position with your mortgage or debts and you’ve received this mail from someone who cares enough to take the time to hand address a note to you. 

I truly believe that those who must resort to doing this type of deceptive marketing is because their business practice is such that they do not have returning or referring clients. 

Please don’t ever select your mortgage professional by the junk you receive in the mail.   


  1. Hey Rhonda! I’m so glad you wrote about this, because I got this, too! I thought I got it because I occasionally write about mortgages and loans and thought they wanted a plug. But, it’s a Post-It note with real handwriting, so I thought it was a distant observer and not a fraud-meister, but I wasn’t tracking it the same way you were. Good catch — this is trickery.

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