Message from Top Patches Pal: Bryan Johnston

I received a request from Bryan Johnston to help "spread the word":
Patches Pals,
I hope you had a chance to listen to Dori Monson’s interview with Chris Wedes (JP Patches) and Pemco CEO Stan McNaughton on Monday. It was outstanding! (If you’d like to hear it, it will probably be active as a podcast on the kiro radio website in the near future. Look for Dori Monson show 2/11.)
Stan announced how he and a few other mystery Patches Pals will match donations for the statue project up to $50,000. And right off the bat Alaska Airlines pitched in $5,000, so that means we just got $10,000 in the bank. And there’s still $45,000 left in the matching pot!
If you or anyone you know would like to buy a paver or make a donation, now is the time to do it. Basically whatever you donate will be doubled! (And if you work for a company that also has a donation matching program, between the Pemco challenge and your own company your donation will be quadrupled!  Check with your company’s human resources department.)
To purchase a Patches Paver or make a donation go to
Feel free to forward this message to any Patches Pals you know.
It’s been a great day for the statue project!
Bryan Johnston
Chairman of the JP Patches statue project to benefit Children’s Hospital
KIRO-TV Creative Services
(206) 728-8872
Come on Seattle!  Our donations for the statue are now being matched.  Don’t want a Patches Pal Paver…that’s fine: write a check and get double the bang for your buck!   

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