Do I Actually Have Clients?


I just received this question from a Mortgage Porter reader:

"I’m looking for licensed, local quotes to refinance my house. My ARM is ending and I’ve been entertaining quotes from contractors to redo my kitchen this Spring. Do you actually have clients or just an advice website?"

I’m really glad she asked this question.  Mortgage Porter is web-blog where I dish out my 2 cents on the mortgage industry and what ever advice I may have.   You may notice that I do not have any advertisements on this blog as many other blogs do.  It’s tempting…but I’ve steered clear of google ads and offers from various vendors.

My sole source of income is the origination of mortgages for those I assist with their financial plans.  My clients are the fine folks who with residential property anywhere in Washington State.  If your property is outside of Washington, I cannot provide your mortgage (I’m only licensed for Washington) however, I will try to find a Mortgage Professional who can assist you.

A majority of my clients are either returning clients whom I’ve helped before, referred to me from past clients or professionals (real estate agents, CPAs, CFPs, etc.) and I also have clients who read Mortgage Porter and decide they would like me to help them with their mortgage needs too!   I do not "cold call" or buy leads.

I am a Licensed Loan Originator (510-LO-32047) with DFI and hold a CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) designation.

Sorry, too late for a quick answer:  Yes, I do have a mortgage practice and I welcome new clients.  You don’t even need to refi or to be buying a home to be my client.  I am "adopting clients" who have been abandoned by their loan originator as well. 

Thanks for asking!

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