A Taxing Issue

According to this article in the Seattle PI, King County Tax Assessor Scott Noble is warning of possibly the largest property tax increase in Washington State’s history.

"This change … will produce the biggest property tax increase onto residential property owners in the history of the state of Washington," Noble said in an e-mailed warning last week to Finance Committee chairmen.

In King County alone, the change would shift as much as $200 million of taxes onto residential property owners, he said.

"In our budget-based property tax system, reductions of valuations will produce tax shifts onto other taxpayers, and my experience with advocates from our large commercial taxpayers suggests a large increase of appeals and lawsuits from these property owners who have sizable resources," Noble said in the e-mail.

House Bill 2977

Senate Bill 6517

Concerned?  You may want to contact your state representatives to express your concern, if any, of having your property taxes increased for the benefit of commercial business.   


  1. Scott Noble’s assertions are without merit. There is no evidence that a shift would occur. Big business already has the where-with-all to hire attorneys and appeal cases. It is us – the little guys – the residential homeowners and the group I represent – the affordable housing owners and managers – that have to meet the higher and very onerous burden of proof standard that now exists, “Clear Cogent and Convincing Evidence”. Why isn’t it “Preponderance of Evidence” like nearly ALL of the other states? What Scott Noble is most afraid of is “change” and the empowerment of the little guy.

    The Mortgage Porter and its readers need to support HB 2977 and SB 6517, because it will benefit primarily the residents of our great state – not big business.

    If the assessors do their job right, there would be no appeals. No shift. Equity and fairness.

    Even if there IS a shift, the assessor’s offices will simply change the mill rate and spread the differences among all taxpayers anyway. Mr. Noble is tilting at windmills a bit, and trying scare tactics that simply will not get any traction among us homeowners and providers of affordable housing.

    Please write your legislator in SUPPORT of HB 2977 and SB 6517.

    Joseph B. Diehl
    Homeowner in King County
    and Executive Director, WA State Council for Afforable & Rural Housing and the Affordable Housing Management Aasociation

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