Have You Seen This Ornament?

Our family put up our tree just a few days ago…and to my dismay, one of my ornaments was broken (in the box).   It happens to be one of my favorites (of course) because it reminds me of my Dad.   


Most of the ornaments we have on our tree have some meaning behind them.  Perhaps we bought one when we’re vacationing somewhere or maybe it’s symbolizes something significant (or even insignificant) that’s happened during the year. 

My Dad’s father passed away when he was 19 years old.  With his inheritance, he did what most indulgent teens would do with a lump of cash; bought a 1960 red corvette.   I’m told the vette lasted until he started dating my Mom (there are different versions of the story).   Anyhow, I have always loved older Corvettes and this ornament may be the closest I get to one!

I’ve searched the internet and cannot find this ornament anywhere.   I purchased this Polonaise ornament about 5-7 years ago.   If you happen to see one for sale when you’re out and about this holiday season, please let me know.

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