Searching for Answers

I always find it interesting how readers find Mortgage Porter.  With the platform for my blog, I’m able to see what words were used for the search engine to point a reader in my direction.   Here are some recent phrases that were used over the last 24 hours:

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, what happens if I can’t adhere to my repayment plan?
  • How do I figure first mortgage payment due date from closing date?
  • is it possible for a woman who had to take chapter 7 to get a low doc loan
  • Mortgage Programs that don’t require 4506
  • minimum credit score for mortgage
  • how much principle paid in ten years on a 30 year mortgage
  • Is it ever smart to use a home equity loan to pay off credit card debt
  • annual adjustment with 2/5 cap adjusted rate mortgage
  • wachovia mortgage pick a pay option
  • 24 hr mortgage trigger
  • 4506 after closing deal
  • amendments to hr 3915
  • divorce mortgage

What did we do before the internet and blogs?   


  1. I suppose we asked, “hey…how did you say you found me?” or “who can I thank for referring you?”

    Anyway, things sure are easier these days!

  2. It’s amazing that people can get information 24/7

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