Renewing my Loan Originator License

This could be something that very few are interested in…but it’s new to me and many other loan originators who are employed by Mortgage Brokers in Washington State.

I’ve been a good girl and have followed all the steps in order to be licensed.   

  1. Registration and passing the background check.
  2. Attended two clock hour courses:  Ethics (required the first year) and Reverse Mortgages.
  3. Passed the competency exam.

The last step…renewing!  Fellow Licensed Loan Originators; don’t forget that after you do steps 1-3 you must go on line and renew your license.   This must be done by December 31, 2007.   DFI is returning your documentation if you send it to them; it’s required you enter the info at their site.   You will need your Promissor certificate, the two course certificates, a credit/debit card to charge $125 and to answer questions regarding if you’ve committed felonies, have a misdemeanor…etc.  It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the renewal process.    Now I’m good through 2008 and will just need to take two clock hour course to maintain my Loan Originator License.   What are you waiting for? 

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