I’m pulling my funds from Washington Mutual

I opened a new bank account to begin transfering my funds out of Washington Mutual.   I said I was going to do this when they ticked me off the last time…now it’s done!  What did WaMu do this time?

Bloomberg.com reports:

"First American Corp., the largest U.S. title insurer, was sued by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for allegedly inflating home values under pressure from Washington Mutual Inc…

First American and eAppraiseIT “signed over their independence to Washington Mutual,” said Eric Corngold, executive deputy attorney general for economic justice. Cuomo said Seattle- based Washington Mutual is not being sued because of questions over federal jurisdiction.

Cuomo, 49, conducted a nine-month investigation and the evidence against First American is “damning,” he said. It includes e-mails between executives at the appraisal company and Washington Mutual that show Poway, California-based eAppraiseIT “willingly violated” state and federal regulations that call for independent home appraisals."

CNBC’s video from this morning covering this alledged fraud.

Our office has access to eAppraiseIT and we don’t use it.  Although they promise a quick turn around time, I’m not willing to hand over who does the appraisals for my clients.   I completely trust the appraiser I like to use.  If he says the value isn’t there, I trust him.  It’s in the home owners and home buyers best interest.   If this allegation is true, I’m disgusted beyond belief.   

It’s upsetting that First American seems to be getting the brunt of the bad press at this phase and I do hope the appriopriate authorites investigate Washington Mutual regarding this situation.

I’m sure WaMu will not miss my checking and savings account.  I meant to close it a month ago when they insinuated that the current mortgage situation lies most heavily on the brokers.  Honestly, I don’t know how any mortgage broker can keep their personal accounts with WaMu.  They are NOT the friend of my family!

Update 11/2/2007:  Seattle PI reports on WaMu Faulted on Home Loans


  1. Curious where you opened the new account, I am afraid you may have to open more accounts soon. I am sure many more banks will become the target of similar investigations on this funky appraisal business.

  2. Actually I opted for a credit union.

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