Short-term housing for displaced families in Southern California

Dustin Luther, Rain City Guide Creator, recently did a post about emergency short-term housing for families who have lost their homes due to fire and the Santa Ana winds in Southern California.   

I lived from Auburn, California…to Agua Dulce, Canyon County and Chula Vista before returning to my home in Washington for a couple of years with my Dad when he was opening parks for Thousand Trails many years ago.   It’s heart breaking to see the detestation.   

I don’t know how many readers I have in California…but just in case I do…or if there’s someone who knows someone, Dustin is trying to get this information out to help those in need…please spread the word.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

    (Although it looks like you might want to fix the links… There’s an extra “http://” in a few of them!).


  2. Thanks, Dustin. I’m working on a loaner computer until my new one arrives…it’s driving me crazy!

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