MortgageIt lay-off today in their Bellevue office

Unfortunately, one of the Account Executives (Wholesale Rep) that they let go is my youngest sister, Janette.  I’m the oldest and wisest of three girls.   I understand that they laid off approximately 20 employees today with it split between AEs and support staff.

Janette hasn’t asked me to do this…but I’m pretty typical bossy, caring big sister…so here goes.

If anyone is looking for an outstanding, smart, mortgage savvy individual to hire, Janette is worth your consideration.   She has done mortgage retail processing, escrow assistant, wholesale lending…she’s very experienced and has a great personality.   

My other sister is also a Wholesale Rep…knock on wood, she’s okay with her job for now.   I work for family and so I’m hoping my job is safe (or the holiday dinners may be a bit uncomfortable for more than one reason). 

This market is amazing sucks.


  1. Rhonda

    That is a bummer about your sister. I only ever did one transaction with MortgageIT. It was on the sale of my personal residence. I hope she finds a new and better job soon.

  2. Thanks, Sandy. With us 3 girls all being in mortgage…I was afraid one of us would be impacted. (More worried about them since they are wholesale and not retail).

  3. She work for MortgageIT those crooks that gave me a bad Mortgage and I had to file bankruptcy.Now they are taking me to court trying to lift my automatic stay.How many people did she give those subprime loan too.

  4. She was not in the subprime division, Smurf. She did not give anyone “bad mortgages”. She called on Loan Originators to tell them about MortgageIt (Deutsche Bank) programs. Loan originators help borrowers determine which mortgage is the best for their needs. Banks create mortgage products and underwriting guidelines.

    Why did you select your mortgage program?

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