My Recent Interview by Todd Carpenter

Last week Todd Carpenter, who is indeed one of the lending pioneers of blogging, interviewed me at REMBEX Blog Fiesta.   I am very flattered to be interviewed by Todd and to be associated with the great real estate bloggers he’s featuring on his site.   The interview is more about why I blog…Todd’s introduction sums it up:

"Rhonda Porter is an example of why I think traditional media has seen it’s best days. As a mortgage professional, there’s nothing more annoying than watching the nightly news stumble through a story about the industry. It seems like they never get a story completely right. An industry expert can offer insight and understanding for a particular niche that no general reporter could ever hope to. For this reason, I believe an Army of Davids like The Mortgage Porter will eventually change the way most people get their news."

To read the interview, please click here.   

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