Latest Telephone Scam

I often work from my home office.  For a while I was getting deluged with phone calls from people with foreign accents telling me that I had applied to obtain a mortgage from them!   I quit answering the phone when I don’t recognize the number or if the number is blocked.   The calls dwindled.

Here’s the new twist on the same scam…I’ve received a couple of these calls now.  The person says they’re from the “National Debt Center”.   They go on to say that they represent many of the credit card companies you have debts with (it’s not hard to name a few of the big players and get lucky with guessing a card you may actually have).    

Until this afternoon, the phone number was blocked…I just filed a complaint with the Do Not Call site.   We are on the DNC list and still get these obnoxious calls.   When I informed this caller that we’re on the DNC, she slammed the phone down.   Other times, this only seems to be a mental game to callers.   

They can sound pretty convincing…they’re crooks.  Don’t fall for it.  The area code from this caller was 113.   Look out.

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