The West Seattle Parade and the Alki Hot Rod Show

Img_5308Do Saturdays get better than this? Somehow we managed to escape the rain just long enought ot enjoy the West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Parade and the Alki Hot Rod Show.   Considering it’s been raining for over a week and that it was dry for these two events, I’d say we lucked out!Img_5315_3      

Young and old lined up California Avenue to watch the Seattle PD Motorcycles maneuver along with your classic beauty queens and parade floats.  The community of West Seattle has a lot of participation in this annual summertime event.   The drill teams were amazing, too.  There had to be some tired feet at the end of the day with all the stomping and dancing!

Img_5375_2What was my big motivation to get out of bed and hustle to grab a spot on the pavement?  Why none other than JP Patches, my childhood hero, of course! 

And this would not be a Seafair event without the infamous Seafair Pirates!   You can hear them coming from blocks away with the boom and smoke of

Img_5382 their cannons.   Good thing they’re followed by the Seafair Clowns so they can wipe the fear from the younger crowd with some giggles.

For more pictures of the West Seattle Hi-Yu Parade, click here.



  1. Rhonda grew up with J.P. Patches and I grew up with Bozo.

  2. I remember Bozo! I just preferred JP. We also had Captain Kangaroo and Wanda Wanda.

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