And the Survey Says

Famfeud After every closed transaction, I mail my clients a survey to get a read on how they feel their service was from our team.  99% of the time, the responses are very positive. 

In today’s mail, I received two surveys that I thought I would share portions of them with you.

"This was a difficult refinance which seemed hopeless at times but Rhonda never gave up.   She was always upfront and honest.   Excellent communication and service…I received almost immediate response any time I had a question.    Thank you!"   

The refinance was challenging however, this mortgage just really made sense to me.  I’ll have to follow up with more information in a separate post.   Here are some bits from the other survey I received today.    This transaction was a purchase that recently closed early.

What did you like best about Mortgage Master: 

"Rhonda’s speed & professionalism & dedication"

How could we have improved our service to you: 



"Rhonda, you are absolutely the best!  Thank you!"

So what about the few who are not satisfied?  I’ve had two who did mail in surveys in my seven years who were not singing praises.   One was unhappy with the escrow company and I tried to get more details from my client…I do want to know whenever there is room for improvement with the mortgage and home buying process.   I did pass that survey on to the escrow company.   

The other transaction was with a past client who decided to go elsewhere for his home financing instead of returning to me. Just barely over one week before closing, he changed his mind, pulled his loan from the other lender and threw the transaction in my lap.   He withheld an addendum to the purchase and sale agreement with various work orders filling the entire page…you don’t think he was purposely trying to keep that from the lender, do you?

Needless to to say, this delayed the transaction from closing in the one week I was allotted and for that, he was unhappy with me!  Had the addendum been provided, we might have closed on time assuming he would have provided the documentation to show the work was complete.    

I am glad whenever I receive a survey back from clients.  The feedback is priceless and it is my goal to have families as happy with me at the end of the transaction as they were in the beginning. 


  1. Not surprised at the positive feedback…good for you!

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