The Cart Before The Horse


Note:  I was contacted by the fine folks at DFI with corrected information to this post regarding continuing education.   My corrections are either striked out or bold.

This week has been a bit crazy with mid-winter break…our three kids all have different break schedules so our family is home instead of vacationing somewhere.  This has provided me with a great opportunity to attend classes and seminars, which typically take a bit of coordinating with getting the kids to schools (they go to three different schools due to their ages).   

Anyhow, on Monday, I went to a seminar by Dustin Luther.   Dustin is the creator of Rain City Guide, a blog that I contribute to that has been a force in the Seattle Blogosphere for years.  This was actually my first time meeting Dustin!  And, the seminar was great.   I learned about Web 2.0–how the consumer is directing the web instead of the web attracting the consumer.  It was fascinating.  He is truly genuine.

Yesterday, I took my first clock hour course to retain my State of Washington Loan Originator License.   It kind of feels strange to take a course before passing an exam that is not yet available (hence the cart and horse photo…I was going for the cart before the horse…but it was taking too much time to find the right photo).   I am assuming I’ll pass the exam once it’s available (or I will be adding a post with a photo of egg on my face).   

The course is required for all Licensed Loan Originators during their first year of being licensed and is on ethics.   This one was taught by NAMB.   I wish it would have been an exam on ethics, instead this was a class or open discussion.   I typically do not attend "lender functions".   When I took the CMPS exam, I really enjoyed networking with the professionals who cared so much to fly from all over the nation to take the three day exam (25% did not pass the first test).   I was very proud to be a Loan Originator (or what ever title you wish to call me) in the company of those fellow lenders.   

At today’s class, I was fortunate to sit with two other fellows who I feel also have very high standards and ethics.   And I do believe overall, the room was filled with the same caliber of people who truly care about serving their client’s best interest before there own.  I mean, they are there spending their time BEFORE taking the exam.  (You must pass the exam to retain your license…you can re-take the exam for $125 a pop). the cost for the exam will be determined by the exam provider and is anticipated to be around $50 -$60.  DFI also recommends that BEFORE a loan originator spends their time and money on continuing education classes, they check DFI’s website to make sure the professional organization or individual course are approved for loan originators or mortgage brokers continuing education.

What was interesting to me is that when you survey a room full of people, ethics can become a bit blurry.  I left the four hour class with my certificate…I have one more class and an exam to go before all of the criteria is met to REALLY be a Licensed Loan Originator.


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the presentation! It was great to finally meet you! Next time I’m in Seattle, I’m definitely going to make time for a big RCG meetup. I would have been more proactive this trip, but I knew Ardell was out of town and a RCG meetup without Ardell wouldn’t be right! 🙂

  2. Hey Dustin, thanks again for everything!

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