Spam I Am…NOT!

SpamiamLately, I have been buried alive in spam.   I have approximately 30-100 forms of spam waiting to great me in my email box every morning.   What’s even worse is that a majority of it appears to be from my domain names/web sites ( and    Some spambots have “pharmed” my email address from my websites.   

It really burns me up.  Not only does spam waste my time, I’ve had companies like Comcast and spam-cops deem me to be a spammer…talk about insult to injury!   It can really make e-mail communication challenging for me at times.   Just this morning, I received Jillayne Schlicke’s email newsletter, which I really enjoyed.   However, I cannot respond to her in an email since I’ve been put into a spam box with my email addresses from my websites being hijacked. 

I do email quite a bit with my profession as a Mortgage Planner.  And, of course I email my family and friends, too.  I send a monthly email newsletter to my database of clients…and if any one decided they did not want my e-newsletter, they could opt out at anytime without any hurt feelings.

So if you receive a funky email that appears to be from me—it’s not.  And I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do about it!   If you do want to receive emails from me, please do add me to your address book.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the same spam boat I’m in.   Try searching your email address in Google.   You’ll see what other sites and directories your address spelled out for spybots to grab. I found that I was my worse culprit with having my email address all over my webpages.  Try to have your email text address removed and replace with a simple “email me” link to your email address.    

And please know, I will never sell your email (or any personal information) address or spam you! 

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