Hello World, I’m 510-LO-32047


Yep.  This afternoon, I finally received my Loan Originator License.   I guess I can stop checking the DFI site to see if I’m official.   So, now I’m trying to update my websites, blog sites, business card, letterhead, all of my letter templates…it’s a bit of work and hopefully worth it.

The next step, in order for me to retain my new bright and shiny license will be to pass the exam that is suppose to be available later this year. 

This is part of the reason I wish we just had ID cards, certificates or maybe a badge to wear.   What’s going to happen to the poor loan originators who do not pass the exam (we get 3 attempts at $125 a test and then have to wait two weeks before taking another test for another $125) and have spent their time and money over the last few months updating all of their marketing just to have the number revoked?  

I know, “play me a fiddle”…there’s not a lot of sympathy for any loan originator these days.   I’m sorry, this number displayed on everything that we have our name to just doesn’t sit well with me.    And bottom line, it will still be up to the consumer to verify that the license is active.  Having the license number plastered everywhere does not guarantee a Loan Originator is a legit mortgage broker.

Enough grumbling for tonight!

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