Resources for First Time Homebuyers

Hello! Whether you are considering buying your first home or you’re a real estate professional helping someone buy their first home, I hope you will find this information useful. I am including some financial strategies and information that you may find helpful on your journey to buying your first home.

Let’s start with Understanding the Numbers in today’s market with some minimum down scenarios for first time homebuyers. PLEASE NOTE: Mortgage rates quoted in scenarios on this page are for education purposes only and are not valid. Mortgage rates change throughout the day. For your personal scenario with current mortgage rates, please click here.

Click here to see some scenarios using minimum down payments.

Now let’s review how renting compares to owning a home.

Click here to see how renting compares to owning a home.


Next, let’s take a look at how we can help housing be more affordable by getting creative with how we structure mortgage programs.

Click here to see how housing can be more affordable.

Last but not least, many homebuyers wonder if they should wait or should buy now? I have put together some scenarios that may help you find answers to that important question.

Click here to see scenarios on whether you should wait to buy a home.

Start your research for potential homes by clicking the image below.

Helpful articles for first time home buyers

Popular mortgage programs for first time home buyers. I’m happy to review mortgage programs with you to see which options are best suited for you.

What’s next? I would love to answer your questions and help you create a plan with the financing of your next home. There are many programs available, including some offering down payment assistance. If you are considering buying a home (or refinancing) please contact me, I am happy to help you!