Improve Personal Cash Flow


This involves helping you implement financial strategies that will improve your personal cash flow while helping you achieve financial freedom and become debt free.

Develop a Personal Cash Flow Improvement Plan:
Re-examine spending habits and the way the clients monthly cash flow works.    Help establish a financial reserve account specifically to prepare client for unexpected fianancial obligations.  This enables client to pay cash, instead of using credit cards.
Exoctic mortgages, such as deferred interest on negative amortized (Option or Pick a Payment) ARMs, represent up to 50% of all new mortgages in some markets.  These loans can be very dangerous.   A CMPS professional will help clients determine when and if these loans make sense for an individuals personal circumstances.   Furthermore, CMPS professionals help clients implement viable financial strategies to improve personal cash flow without endangering a client’s financial future.

Implement the Plan of  Action:
CMPS lenders are able to "coach" you in implementing your cash flow improvement plan.  CMPS professinals also work in a team environment other financial professionals in order to help you better achieve your goals in life.

Review and Modify the Plan of Action:
We all experience changes in our lives that involve our income, career, family, health, lifestyle, etc.  CMPS professionals help you review ad make modifications to your cash flow improvement plan as changes arise in  your personal and financial situation.  Additionally, there may be new types of mortgage planning products and service that could help your cash flow situation.