Poll: How Should I Price Friday’s Rates?


Every Friday I post rates here at Mortgage Porter and also at Rain City Guide.   Just recently I switched from posting them based on a total 1% origination/discount point to zero origination/discount points (pointless).   

I will keep the survey on the right side of this blog up until June 30, 2008.  I would love your feedback.

Do you want to see rates priced with or without points?  By points I mean origination and discount points (some LO’s will say "no points" but you’re paying an origination fee or broker fee–I mean no points as shown on lines 801, 802 or 808).

Your options for the poll are:

  • Go back! Post rates factoring a 1% origination/discount fee.   The means 1% total in origination/discount fees as shown in lines 801, 802 or 808 of the GFE and HUD -1 Settlement Statement.  This is how I originally posted rates at Mortgage Porter and Rain City Guide.
  • Keep the 0 Pt pricing for your Friday RatesThis is how I’m currently quoting rates when I post them.  No origination and no discount points.
  • Split the difference and quote with 0.5% discount/origThis means that I would price the rate with a total of a half point (discount and origination fees would total a half point).

I really value your opinion.  Please "vote" on the poll to the right. 

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